Monday, September 20, 2010

Classic Corsair

I travel a lot to Anchorage - and when I go there the one restaurant I make certain to go to is Corsair. There are a couple of reasons to go there-- first, because the owner, Dan, will only serve fresh fish - that which just got off the boat, and second because their rack of Lamb is the best I have ever had.

Most know Anchorage as being close to the Matanuska Valley- where the summers are long, and the growing season provides some of the largest and freshest vegetables on the planet. Corsair always has a great group of vegetables.

The mustard glazed Rack of Lamb is cooked to perfection - combined with the locally grown vegetables and an appetizer of fresh local salmon - not only could you eat well, but have some healthy meals.  I typically split the rack with my guest, as it is a lot to eat-- but I don't split the salmon -- except for one thing: Alaska Natives love the head of the salmon -- it provides some of the best parts of the fish. In fact, we have been known to fight over that part of the fish.

So here it is-- the best part!

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