Monday, September 20, 2010


I've asked a few people to look at this blog-- and the idea behind this is terribly simple:

We will review, with chefs-- some of the great foods around.  I've provided an introduction, that will also serve as the introduction to my new book. But the blog to come -- will focus on healthy foods done at some of the world's greatest places.

Food does not have to be fattening- and the traditional thoughts of fattening foods don't have to be bad for you.

So-- the two simple projects:

(a) The book - -which will be some great recipes and thoughts about food in general from a weight loss surgeon's perspective --

(b) The blog -- video adventures in food - some wine-- and great coffee. All showing the good side of food - with some great restaurants, and maybe even a few cooking tips.

I appreciate your input-- read the next one and enjoy


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