Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making scrambled eggs- properly

The key to eggs is to cook them slowly on a low heat
The key to cooking proteins, is to not over cook them so that they give up their juices - leaving a dry, rubbery, curdled mess. This is most evident with eggs.  Eggs are a protein, and if cooked properly will give you the most elegant meal, for breakfast, or brunch, or even dinner.

Too many restaurants make eggs on a hot griddle. They quickly scramble the eggs, taking less than a minute.  They come out with the consistency of rubber, and even less taste. Most people get use to this, and think this is how they should be.  My wife always thought she needed ketchup with her eggs.  Once she had eggs the way I cooked them - she said, "I don't even need ketchup for these!"

Here are the keys to cooking proper scrambled eggs:

(a) First heat a pan to a medium heat on the stove, or less.  I like using an old fashioned cast iron pan.  These pans provide a nice even heat, and make great food.

(b) Get some great eggs, and this is not a place to skimp. Eggs that have higher content of omega-3 fatty acids cost more than a standard dozen, but they still are an inexpensive protein

(c) Once the pan is hot, put about one pad of butter to coat the pan- just enough

(d) crack the eggs and place them on a plate or a bowl, and then directly into the pan. DO NOT WHISK THEM.  Do not add salt, or pepper, or milk, or cottage cheese.

(e) Start by breaking the yolks in the pan, and then turn the heat down to simmer.

(f) start to stir

Keep the eggs in motion. I use a heat-resistant spatula
As the steam comes off the eggs- take them off the heat and stir
These eggs are almost done. Turn off the heat and add 3 tablespoons of butter - cold. The butter will stop the heating and you will have eggs that have the consistency of yogurt or custard.
Once you have great eggs, you will never want eggs done any other way.  It takes me about ten minutes to make eggs- and it is worth it. For my patients who have the lap-band, if they get eggs that are done on a high heat and fast, they will "stick" in the band, because they have the consistency of rubber.
Learning to cook great eggs is easy- you need patience, and a bit of time.
Once you have the eggs cooked- then add salt and pepper to your liking. If you add it before it will change the consistency of the eggs, and the salt will draw the water out of the eggs.

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