Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fork U

Simon Majumdar and Terry Simpson
Imagine if food writer Simon Majumdar and food surgeon Terry Simpson decided to take on food myths- and "foodies" everywhere.

You could call them food skeptics, or food myth busters, but that "is as boring as a chicken breast". Stay tuned- the podcast is coming. No food myth, or "foodie," will be spared.

For those who don't know:

Simon Majumdar left the world of publishing at age 40 to "go everywhere, eat everything," which resulted in his critically acclaimed best seller "Eat My Globe." This led to him being a judge on the FoodNetwork, one of the three judges for The Next Iron Chef, as well as appearances on numerous other venues.

Terry Simpson is a surgeon who spent the last 30 years of his life eating in some of the most vaunted restaurants, while researching food and nutrition, and operating on the obese. He was the TV physician on Daytime,TV as well as local channels in Phoenix.

While working on his book, "Fed, White, and Blue," Simon was invited to Alaska by Terry to get "the best salmon in the world," sponsored by the best health care system in the world (Southcentral Foundation).

The two knew each other from Twitter (@simonmajumdar and @terrysimpson) and their mutual love of food and disdain for "foodie sycophants" led to a number of conversations and the trip. Meeting in person resulted in the creation of a podcast where they destroy food myths with science and a distinct lack of humility.

Terry and Simon - taking over the kitchen of the lodge in Alaska

So- do you have a favorite food myth? Wonder if something is really good for you? Are you ready for the answer?

"No chefs were harmed in the cooking of this food." - Simon after eating "frozen to microwave" fish and chips at an Anchorage restaurant.

"They managed to take something with taste and lots of nutrients and make me wish for spam and vitamins." Terry after trying to eat a proper burger.

"I am the salmon slayer." - Simon, after skunking Terry - by catching two large Silver Salmon

"You should learn to make salmon sausage." Terry, after watching Simon fillet the salmon.

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