Friday, January 30, 2015

Ceviche, Wings, and Hummus: Perfect Snack Foods

It is Game Day - and you are going to a party with a lot of snacks. Here are a few of my favorite that you can make for your party, or bring - that will keep you a lot healthier.

So today you can have three choices that I love:

Ceviche is easy to make and provide a lot of good snacks
This recipe provides you with a lot of fresh fish, healthy vegetables, and you can have it either with some Taco chips or with a bit of guacamole and tortilla to make a fish taco.  You can find my favorite and easy preparation for these here.

Chicken Wings:

Wings easily baked in the oven - try them. 
My favorite recipe comes from Chef John and his is so good that I have put in his movie for them here.

One more:
Hummus - one of my all time favorites (I eat this five times a week). You can have this with celery or carrots because you don't need the other nonsense.  So try this.

Easy to make - and a great snack- lots of protein in here for you vegetarians

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