Monday, October 25, 2010

The New Michael Mina

Never a disappointment

Style and simplicity
When Michael Mina announced he was going to remodel his restaurant and then that he was going to add a new one- we were worried.

Arriving on the third day after the opening of his new restaurant on 252 California, I was struck by the ease of the restaurant.  Arriving with a 3 month old child sets many waitstaff on edge. Not here-- within seconds we were escorted to a table that made it easy for us to take care of our son, and enjoy the meal.  The waiter clearly loved children, loved taking care of his customers, and loved talking about the restaurant -- but not overly chatty.

The tasting menu was amazing - and there are two favorites that stand out:

The Sous Vide Chicken - when I return, I will order this. Sous Vide is my favorite method of cooking, and they clearly have perfected this.  This was combined with a risotto and bone marrow that was rich and creamy.

The Hamachi (photo above) was given three unique and distinct flavors.

There is a reason that Michael Mina, , is one of the better restaurants - and in a city where you have to be good just to be average -- Michael Mina's rises above the crowd.

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