Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you say Fresh Fish

Anytime you are near the sea you have the opportunity for fresh fish- and nothing is better than going to Cabo and knowing the fish you are eating now was caught that day.

Fresh, local, delicious is the key to healthy eating. Bringing in flavors from around the world that allow you eat well - enjoy the food, and not gain weight.

This is a delectable dish from Nick San in Cabo San Lucas
White Mackerel  , Avocado, balsamic
Fresh fish was introduced to most people in the form of sushi- which is raw fish wrapped in white rice. But raw fish has been enjoyed for years by coastal people everywhere. In this case a simple preparation of white mackerel with avocado, and balsamic vinegar provide the perfect balance of oil and vinegar to the palate.  Mackerel is a small fish found in the saltwater just around the corner from this restaurant. The oil in the fish reminds one of Tuna (same family) - and is cut nicely with an aged balsamic.

One could only imagine what an Asian influence would do to this dish. A bit of Sriracha chili sauce or a Korean hot pepper sauce would provide even more balance.  What Nick San needs is just a few spices from Pei Wei.

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